Why we do what we do

A report of Child Abuse is made every 10 seconds, three million reports are made per year, though it is believed the actual number of incidents are 3 times as many.

100% expectation of managing communications between agencies & organizations, legal & personal appointments, and promoting health and healing falls on the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the abused child.

Child abuse occurs at every socio-economic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religion and at all levels of education

Of the reported rapes of children under 12 years old, more than 90% of the victims knew the perpetrator, 67% of all reported sexual assaults happen to children age 17 and under

Together We Can Give Hope

KKC Cares provides their services to any direct and indirect victim of childhood sexual abuse in need of them.

We offer the only continuous phone support group for non-offending parents of sexually abused children in the US.

We provide services regardless if criminal charges can be filed, whether or not the CPS report is founded, and we provide advocates through family court, not just criminal.

There are no other agencies, organizations, or non-for profits, that assist families in this way.

We offer in person support for the following counties:

According to NYS Kids’ Well-being Indicator Clearinghouse for 2019 (as of 11/2020), below represents only the reported, indicated or founded reports of abuse:

714 in Saratoga County, NY

252 in Warren County, NY

355 in Washington County, NY

That number will always be too high...

KKC Cares supports families that have to go through a traumatic transition due to child sexual molestation/abuse, help them go from survivor to thriver.

That could be by offering assistance in understanding the process before you, preparation and attending court with you, or just lending an ear when you want to sort out your thoughts and feelings. This is a traumatic experience and you should not have to do it alone.

We also have a weekly phone support group for non-offending parents; available regardless of where you live.

You Should Not Have To Do It Alone.