KKC Cares, Inc. offers confidential advocacy services to the direct and indirect victims of childhood sexual abuse. All advocates assist with safety planning, education about the dynamics of the childhood sexual abuse pandemic, referrals to other services, help with community resources, and support through our services.

We are not attorneys. We can give you legal information but not legal advice. We are here to help identify needs, options, and resources within the community. We do this safely and confidentiality. For example, we can help with the judicial system, including helping in the preparation of petitions for family court. We will work with the different agencies on behalf of your family. We can accompany to and support individuals at appointments that are related to the families needs because of the sexual abuse.

Advocates also focus on the following areas:

Court Advocacy

Advocates provide assistance in Family Court with obtaining orders of protection, child support and custody, and violations and modifications. They can also assist with advocacy with attorneys. They also provide court accompaniment from the initial appearance through the trial, in both family and criminal court.

Agency Advocacy

Our advocates can support families while they interact with law enforcement. These advocates help to support the direct victims and the indirect victims, at a critical time, when they are most in need of support to keep their families safe. As well as, advocating for the victim and providing information of the process to the victim on CPS reports and other services. Our advocates provide information and help applying for temporary assistance, food stamps, and other benefits.