Self Care and Helpful Tips

Jumping off point for info on some essential oils-

Diffuser bracelets/jewelry

Diffuser jewelry DIY article I found...

DIY rollers for essential oils

Info of Lavender spray

Some jumping of points for grounding with Aromatherapy

  • Some info to help with sleep-

Info on Obsidian

Info of Lavender spray

dream catchers

body pillows

weighted blankets

Eckard Tolle

Head Space app

YouTube guided meditation videos

YouTube sleep sounds video

  • Some info for supporting yourself during trauma in general-

Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services.- chapter of a textbook ... but had some helpful info (I did not read it in its entirety)

Mental Health America- This is about natural disaster and mental health but I thought it might still apply. :)

Office of Women's Health

  • Some breathing techniques for stress relief-


Very Well Mind

4-7-8 Breath Relaxation Technique

  • Some info on trauma anniversaries-

The Viva Center

The Awareness Centre

American Psychological Association


Yoga Journal

Align the Chakras to help with Anxiety with Donna Eden!

  • Some info on smudging/cleansing your space-

Smudging 101


As with everything under resources, take the time to see what is the best fit for you and your family. This information has not been vetted by KKC Cares, Inc. This information has been shared by parents as a tool they have come across and/or found helpful. Please share anything that you have found so we can add it to our page as a resource for other parents. Thank you!

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