For families who are going through a traumatic transition because of childhood sexual abuse who are navigating a new and scary process alone, KKC Cares, Inc. provides the following services:

  • To develop and execute a media campaign to raise awareness of the child sexual abuse pandemic, the effects it has on victims and thier families, and the support, education and healing needed to move from survivor to thriving;

  • Attend court with clients as a support;

  • Provide phone support as needed regarding legal, CPS, court plans, organizing thoughts, sharing concerns regarding conversations with attorneys and other agencies;

  • Be a liaison for the client with other agencies as client needs;

  • Advocate for and with the client as needed;

  • To establish a support group infrastructure for direct and indirect victims of sexual abuse. The focus of these support groups will be to educate and motivate participants to help them move from victim through survivior to thriving adults;

  • To provide prevention policy and procedure consulting to youth serving organizations in the communities we serve;

  • To deliver the TAALK/Diane Cranley prevention program, as well as other forms of education, to members of the communities we serve;

  • To provide children’s book about sexual abuse prevention to libraries, schools, and other youth serving organizations in the communities we serve.