Books for Children

Please check with your child's therapist about were they are at and what is healthiest for them.

It is highly recommended you read through these by yourself before you share with your child.

Sexuality Curriculum for Abused Children and Young Adolescents, and Their Parents by Toni Cavanagh Johnson, Ph.D.

I Said No! A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping Your Private Parts Private by Kimberly King and Sue Rama

It's My Body: Children's Safety & Abuse Prevention by Lory Freeman

It's Not Your Fault - A Guide for Children to Tell If They're Abused by Judith A. Jance

My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishevsky

My Body is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine: A Storybook About Body Safety for Young Children with an Adult Guidebook by Susan L. Hoke

My Body is Private by Linda Walvoord Girard

No Means No! by Jayneen Sanders

Calm Ninja by Mary Nhin

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn video

The Little Spirit and the Sun: A Children's Parable by Neale Donald Walsch video

As with everything under resources, take the time to see what is the best fit for you and your family. This information has not been vetted by KKC Cares, Inc. This information has been shared by parents as a tool they have come across and/or found helpful. Please share anything that you have found so we can add it to our page as a resource for other parents. Thank you!

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